Preparing for your headshot shouldn’t be complicated or stressful. These Tips will help you feel prepared and ready to go the day of your shoot.


1.      Bring 4-6 tops to choose from the day of your shoot. Consider bringing layers, a nice blazer or sweater that can go over the tops and provide a totally different look. Remember to only bring items that you LOVE wearing!


2.      Make sure your clothes are ironed and ready to go the day before your shoot, so you aren’t stressed out about ironing clothes and picking out what to wear minutes before you leave the house. Remember wrinkly clothes will show on camera. 

3.      Choose simple muted tones over bold prints. Bold prints will take away from the focus of a headshot which is YOU! 

4.      Keep accessories to a minimum. If Jewelry is a part of your brand, then I recommend you keep it to a minimum of stud earrings or a structured necklace like pearls. Be sure to make sure the necklace isn’t too long that it intersects with the neckline of your top.   

5.      Make sure to keep the make-up subtle. A natural look always looks best in headshots. It is best to avoid, eyeliner on the bottom lid, “cat eye” and red lipstick. If you are not sure how much make-up to be wearing think about a “no-makeup” makeup look. Make sure to pack your hair/makeup items that you may need to so you can touch up after changing outfits. 

6.      Keep Hydrated and get plenty of sleep the week leading up to your headshot session. This is paramount to good looking skin and a healthy glow.


 That’s It! Now you are ready for an amazing headshot!


Carl Armijo is a Louisville Kentucky Headshot Photographer and my passion is to help coach you to look your best and improve your online image presence so you can position yourself as an expert in your field, giving you the best opportunity to fulfil the career ambitions you have been dreaming about.

Carl Armijo