You are probably used to seeing headshots and business portraits that are shot vertically or in ‘portrait’ orientation. This is quickly becoming old hat and is being replaced with horizontal or ‘landscape’ headshots. Why the change you ask?

 A horizontal crop is new and exciting to the headshot world. Many photographers are still shooting vertically giving you a reminder of the school photos you used to hate to receive ever year. A horizontal headshot just looks different to the eye and people are drawn to it because it is different. A horizontal headshot is putting the focus on you and your expression, after all this is what we want people to notice. In today’s age of social media, you have profile pictures that are very small with little viewable area, it is best to fill the space with a tighter cropped version of you so people can connect with you, your eyes and your expression.

 A vertical ¾ shot of you is difficult to use in many instances and could put the focus on somewhere other than your expression. A tighter cropped horizontal version will put the focus on your face and expression and not on the clothes you wear.  A horizontal crop also gives you an ideal ratio of face to body for easy viewing on business cards, billboards, social media profile pages, etc.

 Opt for a modern, clean, tighter horizontal crop to show off to the world.


Carl Armijo is a Louisville Kentucky Headshot Photographer and my passion is to help coach you to look your best and improve your online image presence so you can position yourself as an expert in your field, giving you the best opportunity to fulfil the career ambitions you have been dreaming about.

Carl Armijo