One major point of anxiety for a lot of people before they book a headshot session is that they do not know what to expect during a headshot session. It is easy to come up with a bunch of pre-conceived notions about what will or will not happen.

I believe that all headshot sessions should be a fun collaborative experience where you walk out of the studio excited to show the world your new headshot.

A lot of photographers work in different ways, but I believe one of the keys to a great headshot is collaboration. We will work together to pick the best outfits for you to wear and what backgrounds will go best with each outfit. I will have you bring as many outfits as you like, and we narrow it down to the best ones for the shoot.

I shoot tethered into a laptop and from time to time I will have you check out our progress. I do this for two reasons:

1.      To make sure that you are happy with the work that we are creating and to ensure you are getting the headshot you dreamed about.

2.      I also use it as a coaching tool for your hair, clothes and expression. It is hard for you to know how you look so it is up to me to make you look your best and this expression coaching is one of the ways we accomplish this.

I will direct you into various positions that are most flattering to you, you will more than likely hear me say “if it feels weird it looks good!”. Once I get you into the best position, I will work my best to get a genuine reaction from you. I will shoot through this entire reaction sequence to get the most authentic expression out of you that we can.

Once the shoot is over, we will work together to select the best images from the shoot and you will pick the images that you want to purchase and have professionally retouched.

That’s it! The whole process is very relaxed, easy and fun!


Carl Armijo is a Louisville Kentucky Headshot Photographer and my passion is to help coach you to look your best and improve your online image presence so you can position yourself as an expert in your field, giving you the best opportunity to fulfil the career ambitions you have been dreaming about.

Carl Armijo